A comprehensive on-line database for storing your approved graphics and print media campaign materials. AssetBank gives you full autonomy to work with your present vendors or establish new vendor relationships. This gives you the flexibility to request multiple quotes from multiple vendors, giving you greater production cost control.
With the AssetBank Internet-based toolkit you can:

  • Organize and manage your assets in three components: images, jobs and print projects, and logos and artwork.
  • Create a secure on-line system for project management with outside creative agencies and production vendors.
  • Retain ownership and control of your graphic art/print files.
  • Store a complete on-line inventory of current and legacy marketing jobs, including ads, brochures, point of sale materials, posters, banners, and billboards.
  • Control access to the correct and current photographic images, logos, and illustrations
  • Manage asset rights expiration.
  • Control your global corporate identity program.
  • Maintain continuity of photo image and logo usage worldwide.
  • Assure brand recognition and continuity across global marketing campaign initiatives.
  • Track production costs and improve efficiency project by project.
  • Reduce or eliminate shipping costs through Internet file transfer.
  • Reduce proofing costs by viewing changes on-line.
  • Re-purpose existing projects: Minor revisions or multiple versions can be made easily on-line.
  • Traffic assets between suppliers: One-click distribution replaces time-consuming manual fulfillment; reduces project management costs
  • Control incidental, intangible costs related to project management and productivity.
  • Speed time to market: reduce production workflow from weeks and days to hours and minutes.
  • 24/7/365 availability of assets: Increases on-time delivery, reduces creative production costs, and eliminates express shipping charges.


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