Q: How is BrandingSuite different from competitive archival systems?
A: The BrandingSuite system is designed by print industry professionals.  We have been providing print production services for ad agencies, printers and publications for over 30 years.  Since most of the processes within BrandingSuite are part of our company’s normal workflow, from production to fulfillment, we can bring many efficiencies  and a great deal of value to you.

Q: How is BrandingSuite better than competitive archival systems?
A: Through this system we can leverage our print  and prepress expertise  while giving you a competitive edge in terms of how you buy print.

Q: Can my BrandingSuite reside on my site?
A: No.  Your database resides on our server.  We can link your BrandingSuite site to your existing web site.

Q: Is BrandingSuite compatible with my operating system? My network? My software?
A:Branding Suite is a browser based application and is therefore platform independent.

Q: How are updates and new features made available?
A: As a web application, you will not be required to update your system. Everything will happen server side by BrandingSuite.com. Customer Service will contact you when new functionality becomes available to enhance your specific applications.

Q: Is my BrandingSuite secure?
A: Yes. A disaster recovery strategy document is available upon request.

Q: Who has access to my BrandingSuite site?
A: You control the access to your site.  Your database is password protected with an unlimited number of users available.

Q: Can a channel partner alter any of our formats for their individual use?
A: Only the areas that you have made variable can be altered.  In addition, you can create a workflow that requires an approval process.

Q: What if a channel partner wants to change any element or add their own?
A: They can only change the elements that you make variable.

Q: How can I be sure an ad meets publication specifications?
A: Publication ads have been our primary business for the past 30 years.  We verify all current publication specifications through SRDS or publication contact.

Q: Can I release multiple ads to multiple publications at the same time?
A: Yes. You can make page size a variable in your templates.  Templates can be designed to reformat to any number of standard publication sizes. Identical PDF® versions of the same ad can be generated at multiple page sizes. Page height and width can also be a variable offering an unlimited combination of page sizes.

Q: Do I have to be concerned about approval and proofing before production?
A: It is always a good idea to view some form of proof before placing an ad.  This can be done by us for minimal cost, or you can download the file and have a proof made locally. 

Q: Do I have to establish an approved production vendor database for my channel partners?
A: We can work with you to qualify a select group of print vendors assuring quality and color fidelity. We have been in the color reproduction business for 30 years.

Q: How are foreign translations handled?
A: Templates may be posted in any number of languages. Translations can easily be done by you and BrandSuite.com can integrate this into your templates.

Q:How is billing handled?
A: Either an off-line authorized user/dealer database or secure credit card transaction.


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