About R.E. May
In 1937, R.E. May was founded by Richard E. May as the first graphic arts trade shop in northeast Ohio. The plant supplied the printing industry with state-of-the-art photolithographic printing plates. Under the guidance of Paul Meunier, it continued to offer this service for over 40 years, successfully positioning itself as the premier supplier in service and quality.

  • In 1976, the company was purchased by Adam B. Pangrace, owner of Adam Pangrace & Sons printers and lithographers. Within two years, under the guidance of son, John, the company moved into the rapidly growing full color market by installing one of the first digital imaging color laser scanners in Ohio. John, together with brother, Theodore, moved the company ahead, establishing itself as one of the foremost color separators in the area.
  • In the tradition set by Paul Meunier, the company revolutionized the printing industry in the eastern midwest by installing a Scitex R300 electronic prepress system in 1983. It was the first system of its kind in the area and offered digital imaging capabilities never before imagined by the company’s clients.
  • From 1987 to 1990, the company helped the industry move into the desktop publishing revolution. Then, in 1992, R.E. May once again led the way in the prepress industry by publishing low-res image catalogs of client photography archives on the Internet. By utilizing the worldwide Web and www.remay.com, it began to develop production tools for the prepress process.
  • With the introduction of Branding Suite in 2006, R.E. May becomes one of the first to use the power of the Internet to host all a client’s marketing assets on a secure site for access by a client’s channel partners. By providing seamless access to current marketing materials, Branding Suite ensures branding continuity on a local, regional, national, or global scale. It also delivers unprecedented efficiency, saving critical time and cost in the production and distribution of marketing materials.

About Branding Suite
R.E. May, exclusive area representatives of Branding Suite, serves as an independent resource to store all your asset files in digital form and make them available to your channel partners through your Web site.
BrandingSuite is an internet-based central archive for any company, of any size, in any industry, marketing any product. It’s designed for distributing your marketing materials on any scale--local, regional, national, or international.
What’s more, it gives you full autonomy to work with your present vendors-or establish new vendor relationships-giving your greater production cost control.

  • This secure site is specially designed for managing, storing, maintaining, customizing, and distributing all your current marketing materials.
  • It connects seamlessly with your Web site, saving time and money, streamlining advertising and collateral production, while protecting brand continuity and security across your entire marketing program.
  • BrandingSuite consists of three secure departments for fast, accurate, error-free production of marketing materials by your authorized network of dealers, distributors, licensees, and vendors.
  • BrandingSuite provides unparalleled efficiencies, eliminates unnecessary duplication and revision, saves time under tight deadlines, and saves money by streamlining the creation and distribution of multiple materials.


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